[diadiem]. Saigon - Cai Be - Can Tho - Chau Doc - Phnom Penh - Siem Reap or vv - 8 days[/diadiem]

[mota]Toum Tiou is smallest cruise for Vietnam and Cambodia making possible an access to the smallest and remotest of villages


Saigon - Siem Reap or vv - 8 day: from US$1390 / person
Phnom Penh - Siem Reap or vv - 3 days: from US$595 / person
Saigon - Phnom Penh or vv - 4 days: from US$650 / person
Note *: rates would vary depending on the cabin you would like to book, number of cabins and date of departures.We constantly offer big discount(upto US$350 off).Please book the tour or contact us @ info @xxx.com
for best available rate.

Life on board The Jayavarman Cruise Life on the Jayavarman is one luxurious experience after another. Allow us to paint – in your mind’s eye – the picture of romance, majesty and mystery that becomes you when you board the Jayavarman. You step out on to your private balcony, sipping your cocktail made with fruit from the land that envelops you. The sun sets gently and the charming countryside becomes a silhouette shining on the river. You soon realize that you’ve never been in a place so peaceful and so serene, occasionally punctuated by a child’s raucous laughter ringing from a nearby village. Darkness descends, signaling the time for a traditional feast. Food from the region is served by waiters who, by now, have become your friends. They are a tad shy yet they are proud to put on display their traditional attire and share their culture with you. After a night’s sleep, the soft rays of the sun warm your face. Thai Chi lessons await you on the upper sun deck, ready to connect you to the energy that is so plentiful in this cultured and spiritual place. At every corner, every river bend aboard this luxurious and majestic ship, new sights and new experiences are ready and waiting to be found.


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