River cruising is the in -vogue travel trend.As Indochina grows in popularity as a tourism destination, exciting tour options available to travelers looking to explore this region of Southeast Asia are growing as well.A rising trend is to journey via river cruise on one of the excellent cruise ships now plying the Mekong and other rivers of the region.
In places where rivers and waterways remain the lifeblood of everyday life
for local residents, traveling by cruise ship reveals how deeply the river resource impacts the lives of ordinary people.
for Traveling The Mekong River

Mekong River Cruise - A Floating Hotel
Cruising down the Mekong, a major transportation artery of Indochina, is not as complicated as it might sound.There are a range of options to explore areas along the riverbanks and beyond, making key stops along the way.Two Indochinese capitals– Vientiane(Laos) and Phnom Penh(Cambodia)– both sit on the banks of the Mekong as it flows south through Laos and into Cambodia before fanning out in to South Vietnam’ s Mekong Delta and eventually the sea.

A cruise experience on the Mekong will likely feature a variety of culturally distinctive elements.Aside from the traditional highlights of Indochina such as capital cities and Angkorian monuments, cruise ship itineraries will likely include visits to floating markets, colonial landmarks, ancient temples and quiet fishing villages nestled on the banks of freshwater islands.The length and variety of these excursions will largely depend on the amount of time the traveler has and how long the cruise package is, but there is certain to be enough to give travelers a really immersive experience.


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